Broiler Battery Cage


  • Broiler battery for Better productivity due to better livability, FCR & more flocks or cycles per year.
  • With mechanized system in the broiler cage 10000 birds per hour can be harvested with minimal damage to the bird.
  • Birds are kept away from Manure in Broiler battery, immensely help improve the Birds health and Overall performance.
  • A marked difference in FCR is certainly a great economical advantage.
  • Mechanized handling of manure .Daily removal of manure helps maintain better hygiene on the farm.
  • Overall less production cost in Broiler battery cage.
  • Within the known Broiler Cage systems Gartech Equipements offers you the best future orientated system available.
  • Main components of the Broiler Cage System are consisting from hot-dip galvanized sheet and wire material.
  • The construction of our Broiler Cages and the galvanized sheets and wires used in the cage sections are ISO 9001 certified, and the surfacing of the used sheets and wires are of high standard.
  • These Broiler Cage system is designed in a way that the Broiler cage shall not get affected from the ground movements.
  • The main construction of the Broiler cage system has one cage stand every 120 cm and wide-based footings put under these stands.
  • Broiler Battery Cage
  • Broiler Battery Cage
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