• The removal of poultry manure is carried out using polypropylene belts as often as every 2 days, depending on the length of    the shed. Up to now the poultry manure was transported to the outside where it was collected on trucks. The percentage    humidity of the manure varied between 80% and 85%.
  • GARTECH has developed a treatment system that dries 85% of the manure and eliminates odors, insects and gases derived    from the ammonia.
  • Once removed, the manure is transported to the upper belt of the Manure drying system where a rake spreads it out, forming    a fine layer. Via a tunnel that connects with the shed and with the aid of powerful ventilators, the system uses the heat    generated by the birds themselves to dry the layer of manure. Once dry, it is allowed to fall to a lower belt of the tunnel from    where, after another drying process.
  • Thus manure that comes from the cages is carried in a zigzag motion from the upper tiers to the bottom tiers till it is    transferred to the warehouse. With this system, the poultry farmer can convert the manure into a commercial income that can    either be used as a natural fertilizer or be further processed into pellets.
  • Another positive aspect of this quick drying method is, that the proteins are not transformed into ammonia and therefore the    ammonia gas expulsion is decreased to more than 90%.
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