Gartech Poultry Equipment for the breeder sector is designed to produce the maximum number of eggs with a high hatching percentage.
    Hygiene, nest acceptance and careful handling of the eggs are essential factors for good production.


    Gartech Poultry Equipment offers a total concept for maximum production of broilers with outstanding meat quality.
    Both the GE Maxxpro & GE Maxxima meet the requirement of the customer.


    Gartech Poultry Equipment systems for the layer birds were developed to achieve maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining quality.
    All systems are built with carefully selected and tested materials and construction techniques. This is essential to attaining the best results.



Welcome to Gartech

GARTECH Equipments Private Limited was founded in 2001 by Mr Harish Garware to develop and produce automated poultry equipment. With his knowledge of technology and passion for improving poultry farming through technological advancement, Mr Harish Garware succeeded in developing the most advanced poultry equipment.
Today the company has a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a leader in poultry equipment.

Vision & Mission:

Our Vision is to bring innovation to the forefront in all aspects of the business. We strive toward building a healthy society by delivering more than is expected. Our Mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate quality products to create and maintain long-lasting and profitable relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.


At Gartech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. We are committed to providing Quality Products, Sales, after-sales Support & Services to Our Customers. We shall strive to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We shall always remain A Knowledge-driven Company and shall continually improve our Support, performance and Quality Management Systems, Following Customers' needs.

This quality policy is: Maintained as documented information, and controlled.
Communicated, understood and applied within the organization;
Available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

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