Nipple Drinking System

Gartechs’ specially designed H frame vertical rearing system for commercial broilers (fattening birds) provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the birds to achieve an excellent conversion (FCR) rate and quality meat. This system facilitates high stocking multi-tier placement of livestock and it comes with a GE Maxx Pro Pan which can be lifted 13.5cm from the floor level for effortless feed access to birds of all ages. It provides a Nipple Drinking system with excellent quality 360 degrees rotatable nipple, square pipe, and drip cup. The system is equipped with an automatic manure removal system and a bird harvesting (bird removal/lifting) system.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of harvesting; 10,000 birds per hour
  • Better feed conversion, thereby saving feed
  • Soft floors help in high-quality meat (chest)
  • Low mortality; almost no injuries to the animals
  • Optimum temperature is maintained throughout the year. This enables the fast growth of birds.
  • Rationalisation and good meat quality ultimately lead to high profitability.
  • High-performance climate control
  • Up to 7-8 cycles per year
  • No bedding hence absolutely clean bird