Pan Feeding Systems

Gartech provides automated systems like automatic feeding system, nipple drinking system, feed silo, poultry curtains, heating/brooding equipment for commercial broiler floor house. We use superior quality raw materials and well-known brands for all the equipment and electrical components. The most important component of broiler house equipment is a feeder pan. Gartech’s GE Maxx Pro feeder pan is extremely strong made from only 3 main parts, this makes the assembly and dis-assembly of the pan very easy during the cleaning process. GE Maxx Pro is the largest pan ever. It has the capacity of 2 kg and the comfortable peripheral access suitable for 18 birds together as compared to 12 birds during the other pans.

Features & Benefits

  • All components are extra UV stabilised and resistant to commonly used detergents and disinfectants
  • No clumsy design; 100% leftover feed can be recovered easily from each pan.
  • Birds cannot directly enter inside the Feed pan, thus, no manure spillage on the feed, no sleeping DOC birds in the pan
  • No cumbersome feed pans adjustments for various ages of the bird, just winch the entire feedline and adjust the height as required
  • Birds can eat comfortably in a complete standing position which prevents feed wastage and leg weakness
  • Shut off is the easiest to operate amongst all other pans. Just a finger push is enough whereas other pans require both hands
  • 2 kg feed inside the pan stabilises it during the cycle. No spillage of feed by big birds above 2 kg body weight by hitting the pans
  • Better start for DOC due to easy access height of 4 cm