Poultry Brooder Cages, GE Royal Plus Pullet


  • Unique center cool system with 100% Ventilation.
  • Pullet / Brooder cum Grower cage has G.I Feeder with sliding plate from feeding side, which maintains perfect feeding height of the trough.
  • Pullet / Brooder cum grower Cage comes with A Sliding door for easy handling of the chicks during Vaccination, Debeaking and bird transfer.
  • Pullet / Brooder cum Grower cage box is protected by step rail, which is also used as rail for feed trolley thus ensures longer life of cage box.
  • Height adjustable leg ensures perfect alignment.
  • Strong and anti-corrosive feed trough made of aluminum alloy.
  • In G E Royal Pullet / Brooder cum grower Cage Height adjustable nipple drinking system ensures each and every bird gets Enough water to drink at any age.
  • Every stand fitted with height adjustable plates.
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