A Type Layer Cage Systems

Gartech’s GE CLASSIC is an 'A' Type cage with a high stocking density. It is suitable for temperate climatic conditions and is available from 2 to 5 tiers. GE Classic has a superior suspension system, making the super-structure of the 'A' Type cage row robust and better aligned from end to end. The special isolating curtain avoids heat transfer from the top tier to the bottom tier. Additionally, it also acts as a diverter; avoiding manure dropping on the lower tier birds. Manure instantly spreads when falls on the isolating curtain and evaporates, resulting in dry manure. There are two variants of this product available; GE Classic comes with a front of either 24 inches (61 cm) or 16 inches (40.6 cm).

Features And Benefits

  • No wet feed. Hence, no fungal toxicity problems
  • Minimized handling & installation time
  • Clean eggs, no more manure marks, and hair cracks
  • Mechanisation of the manure removal system is optional and not mandatory
  • Galvanised step rail provides easy access to the top tier without damaging the bottom tier and helps improve the system’s strength
  • Specially alloyed feed trough and special wire coating equivalent to 360 GSM protect the system from corrosion and ensures high durability
  • Optional Automated Feeding, Egg collection also available
  • 100% open-able smooth sliding doors for easy accessibility during bird induction, vaccination, and removal
  • Footrest enables birds to step in a natural posture while eating, it helps reduces egg breakages because of the short egg rolling distance; it also protects eggs from the pecking of birds
  • Manure curtain accelerates evaporation of moisture from the manure. Thus, the manure that collects below in the manure pit is relatively dry
  • Special shock-absorbing cage floors ensure birds’ comfort and fewer egg breakages
  • Build to last: Backed by GEPL’s efficient and well-trained Service Support team