GE Royal Plus+ Breeder Cage


  • Unique suspension design with flexible bottom, keeps breeder more comfortable inside the G E Royal Plus+ Breeder cage.
  • Free air movement for proper ventilation as sufficient gap has been provided between two consecutive tiers, which allows fresh air to pass trough the gaps.
  • Unique egg saver cum Foot rest.
  • Sliding doors / push type doors make bird handling more easy during AI, Vaccination and bird transfer.
  • Special anti-corrosive feed troughs made from special Aluminum Alloy.
  • Our breeder cage box is protected by step rail, which is also used as rail for feed trolley thus ensures longer life of cage box.
  • Perfect breeder cage alignment Ensures proper functioning of feeding and drinking systems. Gartech’s new computerized “Accu-Feed” system Ensures accurate pre-weighed feed for each Breeder in the breeder cage.
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