Gartech's GE Ultima Breeder Pullet is a housing system for Broiler Breeder DOC (day old chick) up to 16-18 weeks. This system is available in 2, 3 and 4 tiers in box size 24 inches (60.9 cm) front and 18 inches (45.7 cm) in-depth, the box is suitable for either four females or three males. The system is suitable for small birds (day old chicks), growing, and grown-up birds. Brooding and growing periods are most important for the birds for their development and hence, GE Ultima Breeder Pullet provides a spacious, comfortable, and healthy environment. Gartech provides the most advanced Trolley Feeding System known as "Accu-feed" with QDTS Technology [PATENT NO 358442]. It has a user-friendly touch screen display panel that allows setting the feed quantity to be discharged (with the accuracy of 95% to 97%) based on uniform feed particle size and input power voltage.

Features And Benefits

GE Ultima Breeder Pullet offers many features and benefits as follows
  • High stocking density: In the traditional California housing system, the requirement of building area is comparatively more. In GE Ultima Breeder Pullet System, the same flock can be housed/reared in nearly half the area of the California type house. The high stocking density helps reduce brooding expenses remarkably.
  • Specially profiled stands provide extra strength while the specially alloyed feed trough and wire protect the system from corrosion and ensure high durability
  • The special chick grill and sliding plate facilitate chicks as well as growing and grown-up birds to eat in their natural posture effortlessly. The combination of chick grill and sliding plate also prevents the chicks to come out of the cage.
  • Feed troughs fitted with specially profiled galvanized step rails permit easy accessibility to the higher tiers without damaging the equipment and also enhance the strength and alignment of the system
  • 100% open-able smooth sliding doors for easy accessibility during bird induction, vaccination, and removal
  • Adjustable height of the nipple drinking system allows birds of all ages to have comfortable water access
  • Footrests enable birds to step in a natural posture while eating
  • Soft floors with optional chick mats unitedly work as a comfortable suspension system for the small birds, putting less strain during this critical growing stage
  • Excellent dehydration of manure: There is a polypropylene manure belt below each tier of the cage in the ‘H’ type multi-tier system. The manure dropping on these belts becomes dry fast because of the evaporation of water/moisture in the manure.
  • Uniform Temperature on all the tiers: Every tier of the system has symmetric dimensions i.e., height, width and length
  • Build to last: Backed by GEPL’s efficient and well-trained Service Support team