GE Ultima Pullet is an H frame housing system for commercial layer pullets. The system is suitable for small birds (day old chicks), growing, and grown-up birds. Brooding and growing periods are most important for the birds for their development and hence, GE Ultima Pullet provides a spacious, comfortable, and healthy environment. The feeding and drinking systems are adjustable and allow the smaller and bigger birds to have easy access to the feed and water. There are two variants of this product available; GE Ultima Pullet comes with a depth of 24.6 inches (62.5 cm) whereas the GE Ultima Pullet Wide has a deeper box of 28.5 inches (72.5 cm) which is designed for higher housing capacities where space and initial investment costs are the constraints.

Features And Benefits

  • The special chick grill and sliding plate facilitate chicks as well as growing and grown-up birds to eat in their natural posture effortlessly. Chicks can easily eat without adjustment of the sliding plate for the first two weeks. The sliding plate only goes up and never goes down, this eliminates the chances of neck injuries
  • The combination of chick grill and sliding plate also prevents the chicks to come out of the cage.
  • Specially profiled stands provide extra strength while the specially alloyed feed trough and wire protect the system from corrosion and ensure high durability
  • 100% open-able smooth sliding doors for easy accessibility during bird induction, vaccination, and removal
  • Feed troughs fitted with specially profiled galvanized step rails permit easy accessibility to the higher tiers without damaging the equipment and also enhance the strength and alignment of the system
  • Adjustable height of the nipple drinking system allows birds of all ages to have comfortable water access
  • Footrests enable birds to step in a natural posture while eating
  • Soft floors with optional chick mats unitedly work as a comfortable suspension system for the small birds, putting less strain during this critical growing stage
  • Build to last: Backed by GEPL’s efficient and well-trained Service Support team