Egg Collection Systems

GE Eco-Pro was specially developed for the micro-farming sector where poultry farming can be done on a very small scale.

GE Eco-Pro can hold up to multiple 56 birds, it’s provided with a feed trough and water channel / Nipple line for manual feeding and drinking system. Being a small unit collection of eggs and removal of manure becomes extremely easy. The farmer does not have to bend to do any work as everything can be done at waist height. It comes with an easy carry carton and an assembly manual for effortless assembly of the unit.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduction in feed losses leads to lower costs.
  • Eggs laid out anywhere are broken, spoiled or stolen, this can be prevented.
  • Protected from animals like dogs, cats, rats, mongooses etc.
  • Disease can be prevented because the birds in the cage are not exposed to outside birds.
  • Manure can be collected from one place, which can be used as a good fertilizer in Agriculture.
  • GE Eco-Pro prevents your birds from disturbing your neighbours.
  • No maintenance and repair costs
  • No need for electricity and other costs
  • Well-engineered design