H frame housing system

GE ULTIMA H frame housing system for laying hens provides a comfortable and healthy environment to the birds to help improve their laying efficiency. H frame housing system is especially suitable for mass production with a high stocking density and fully automated equipment for feeding, egg collection, manure removal, etc. There are two variants of this product available; GE Ultima comes with a depth of 24.6 inches (62.5 cm) whereas the GE Ultima Wide has a deeper box of 28.5 inches (72.5 cm) which is designed for higher housing capacities where space and initial investment costs are the constraints.

Features And Benefits

  • Specially profiled stands provide extra strength while the specially alloyed feed trough and wire protect the system from corrosion and ensure high durability
  • Feed troughs fitted with specially profiled galvanized step rails permit easy accessibility to the higher tiers without damaging the equipment and also enhance the strength and alignment of the system
  • 100% open-able smooth sliding doors for easy accessibility during bird induction, vaccination, and removal
  • Safe and cost-effective egg production in a layer cage
  • Footrests enable birds to step in a natural posture while eating, it helps reduces egg breakages because of the short egg rolling distance; it also protects eggs from the pecking of a bird
  • Special shock-absorbing cage floors ensure birds’ comfort and fewer egg breakages
  • Build to last: Backed by GEPL’s efficient and well-trained Service Support team