Layer Cage Systems

GE ROYAL is a California type of housing system for commercial layer rearing or egg production. The gap between the two tiers enables natural air movement providing adequate ventilation to the birds even in open-sided houses in tropical and subtropical areas, where the average climate is hot and humid. This system comes in 3 Tiers and is available for manual operations and complete automation systems. GE Royal is available for the pit size of 91 inches (231 cm) and 84 inches (213 cm).

Features And Benefits

  • The Footrest enables birds to step in a natural posture while eating. This helps in reducing egg breakages due to the short egg rolling distance
  • In addition, it protects eggs from the pecking of birds. This leads to clean eggs, no more manure marks, and hair cracks
  • The box is made of highly galvanised 275 wire
  • The Galvanised step rail provides easy access to the top tier without damaging the bottom one and helps improve the system's strength
  • There is no wet feed and hence no fungal toxicity problem
  • Adequate room between the tiers allows for more fresh air which ensures a comfortable environment for the bird
  • Accu-level Feed trolley assists level control, feed dispensing, and trough cleaning
  • Feed trough made out of highly galvanised steel for durability and strength
  • Smooth sliding doors facilitate 100% opening for easy accessibility during bird induction, vaccination, and removal
  • Automatic Feeding, Egg collection, and Manure removal systems are available. (With the option of future upgrade.)
  • Build to last: Backed by GEPL’s efficient and well-trained Service Support team