Nesting Comfort, Egg-cellent Results:

Discover the Brilliance of Footrest with Gartech’s range of vertical housing systems.

At Gartech's we take poultry rearing to a whole new level! Our revolutionary products, the GE Ultima Air and GE Royal Plus, are designed with your feathered friends' comfort and well-being in mind.

'Footrest' is one of the wonderful features, that come with Gartech's range of vertical-rearing systems.. Birds naturally prefer to lay their eggs in shadowy or dark areas, keeping this in the mind we have integrated a footrest at the front of our nest box.. The Footrest creates a shadow below it, encouraging the birds to lay their eggs right there. By doing so, the egg rolling distance is minimized, leading to a significant reduction in soiled & cracked eggs. Some birds have tendency to peck and eat eggs. The distance created by foot rest between layed eggs and birds also discourages birds from egg pecking and eating.

But that's not all - our Footrest also promotes a natural and relaxed posture for birds while eating. It allows birds to step on the footrest and have comfortable access to feed.

With Gartech's GE Ultima Air and GE Royal Plus, we bring you a nesting experience that prioritizes the well-being of your birds while ensuring maximum yield for you. Join us in creating a happier and healthier nesting environment for our avian companions!

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