Introducing Gartech's Omnicon R20 Climate Controller:

“The Ultimate Solution for Poultry Applications”

Gartech's Omnicon R20 climate controller

Experience unmatched precision and reliability with Gartech's Omnicon R20 climate controller, an advanced solution featuring 20 output relays designed specifically for poultry applications. This state-of-the-art climate controller offers a sophisticated touchscreen display with a user-friendly icon-based menu, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive control.

Tailored to Modern Poultry Houses:

The Omnicon R20 is expertly engineered to cater to modern poultry houses equipped with turbo tunnel ventilation systems. Its versatility shines through with the capability to operate in nine distinct stages, including Minimum Ventilation (with heater), Cross Ventilation, Tunnel Ventilation, Turbo Tunnel Ventilation, Air Inlet, Cooling Curtain, Cooling, Light, Feed, and Water.

Key Features that Set Omnicon R20 Apart:

Remote Control Access through Mobile or Desktop: The Omnicon controller screen can be remotely accessed through a Mobile device (application) or Desktop computer using internet.

Smart Airflow Management:

During Minimum Ventilation, the Omnicon intelligently runs fans within specific groups to maintain uniform airflow throughout the poultry house, ensuring optimal ventilation.

Humidity Control

The Omnicon is designed to handle high-humidity climates with perfection. It automatically deactivates cooling, once the desired humidity level is reached, while triggering additional fans when relative humidity surpasses the set point.

Comprehensive Data Visualization at your fingertips

Experience convenience with the Omnicon's ability to present the entire flock's growth data in both tabular and graphical formats on its live color screen, providing valuable insights within a few taps.

R20 climate controller

Effortless Parameter Transfer:

With a built-in USB port, the Omnicon facilitates easy transfer of all its settings to other Omnicon controllers on the farm, streamlining the setup process.

Extensive Data Collection:

The Omnicon reliably collects all the crucial data such as temperature, humidity, water consumption, feed consumption, and more. It also accommodates additional inputs for bird weighing and silo weighing.

R20 climate controller

Customizable Options:

Tailor the system to your specific requirements with additional features like silo weighing, bird weighing, CO2 control, and humidity control, granting you unparalleled control over your poultry house's environment.

Intelligent Automation:

Benefit from the automatic temperature reduction curve and weight curve, which effortlessly calculate minimum ventilation needs, optimizing the environment for your birds' well-being.

Effortless Inlet Control:

The Omnicon enables precise control over air inlets and tunnel inlets, allowing you to adjust their openings in percentage based on the current fan group.

Versatility in Connectivity:

R20 climate controller

The Omnicon R20 seamlessly integrates following equipment and controls:

Feed Storage Silo 2 numbers Silo weighing 4 analogue inputs for the temperature sensor
Bird weigher 2 numbers Air inlet feedback from the inlet
Humidity sensor Lighting 6 digital inputs for water count,
Co2 sensor Tunnel Inlet feed count,
Static pressure sensor Cooling Pad Feed 0 to 10 volts out for
light dimmer
Feed speed control.
Heater Water One Isolated RS 485 for optional
Minimum Ventilation fans
Tunnel Ventilation fans
Bird weighing 110 to 260-volt operation. silo weigher.
One RS 485 for additional sensors
Humidity, CO2, Temperature sensors,
Static pressure sensor,
Bird weigher etc.
One USB port

Output Relays for Precision:

The Omnicon R20 features an array of output relays:

Omnicon R20 has output relays as follows:

  • Heater - 1
  • Fan group - 9
  • Cooling - 2
  • Air inlet - 1
  • Cooling curtain/Tunnel Inlet - 1
  • Light timer - 1
  • feed timer - 1
  • Alarm - 1 for high and low temperatures
R20 climate controller

Experience the Future of Poultry Climate Control:

With Gartech's Omnicon R20, you gain a cutting-edge climate controller that puts you in complete control of your poultry house's environment, ensuring the well-being and productivity of your flock. Embrace reliability, versatility, and ease-of-use, and take your poultry operations to new heights with Omnicon R20.

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