Why use Medicator?

Are you sure about your medication Method?

It is assumed that Medicine added to the water tanks inside the houses is well distributed reaching every bird and also without damaging the drinking system. But in reality, does this happen?  Many times, it doesn't, defeating its main purpose of effective medical treatment. This can lead to colossal financial loss.

What can go wrong?

  • The overhead tank capacity may be too small or too big for that particular age of bird resulting in uneven medication.
  • Smaller tank capacity can lead to dehydration as the incoming water is stopped during medication and can accidentally remain OFF due to negligence and or oversight.
  • If the incoming water valve is opened earlier it can lead to uneven dilution and subsequent improper medication.
  • If the incoming water valve is opened later will allow all the concentrated residual medicine to enter the drinking pipeline choking the nipple system.
  • The later opening of the incoming water valve will also allow air to enter the pipeline leading to an airlock and subsequent dehydration of birds.
  • Concentrated doses of medication or concentrated remains of medicine in the pipeline can also cause forming of slimy biofilm in the pipeline and lead to unwanted bacterial or fungal growth.
  • Such a thicker layer of biofilm and residual medicine is difficult to remove with normal flushing.
  • This will damage the pipes and nipples and cause leakages inside the house.

This medicine, once mixed in the water gets distributed to the birds in the house through water pipes, this process takes one complete day or even more time. During this process, there is no provision to dilute, stir, or mix the medicine with water. Therefore, the solid contents of the medicine remain at the bottom of the water tank. Thus, all the necessary contents of medicine have not reached the bird. Eventually, these solid contents of medicine enter into the pipes causing blockage inside them. This will damage the pipes and nipples and cause leakages inside the house. 

Gartech Medicare System helps to mix the medicine with water in precise proportion (percentage) as per the requirement and as set by the farmer. Medicine is stored in a special tank which has a continuous water & medicine mixing system. Thus, all the medicine is supplied to birds in a uniform proportion and without any wastage. The medication system automatically switches to freshwater dosing. This keeps the entire system clean and avoids any clogging due to residual medicine or airlock ensuring proper & continuous water supply to all birds.

Customers also use Gartech GE Flushmax automatic/manual Flushing for Drinking system. 

Salient features of Medicator:

  • The Medicator is Maintenance free,
  • Easy to clean, 
  • Self-priming, 
  • Maximum viscosity for a solution, 
  • Proper rinsing of medicine.
  • Sucking and pumping, 
  • Can operate in any weather
  • Faster than the conventional way of medicating the birds

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